Tourism Conferences in Canada

Caribbean Travel Conference

Caribbean Travel Conference in Toronto, Canada on September 24, 2008 presented by the Caribbean Travel Organization.

I post this Tourism Conference website because I found it interesting that this conference focused on sharing the visitor experience to connect with potential travelers.  This is much like a sport show for Caribbean businesses – and a great way for Canadian Tourism businesses to learn how other countries are marketing their tourism.

Online Revealed

Online Revealed, the Canadian Online Travel Conference.  Beginners and experts alike benefit from straight-talk about online marketing from both speakers and educational workshops presented by leading tourism and online marketing professionals. Online Revealed is a must attend event for Canadian Travel Professionals. Be in the company of Canada’s leading Travel professionals including e-Commerce Managers, Brand Managers, Sales Directors, Marketing Managers, GM’s, CEO’s and Revenue Manager’s – from all areas of the travel and tourism industry!

First Nations Environmental Stewards

Recognizing the important roles Indigenous peoples play as environmental stewards and entrepreneurs, TIES aims to “engage Native American and First Nation peoples as business leaders and environmental stewards in the sustainable growth of the tourism sector.”

We have announced a special-interest workshop “Indigenous Business Leaders in Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism

Thoughts on the Future of Canadian Tourism:

Mark Tyrrell attended the Canada e-Connect tourism conference and observed the following:

If you look at the tourism data provided by Statistics Canada and the CTC, one of the things that jumps out a you is how much of it is based on VFR – Visiting Friends and Relatives. The second thing that jumps out, although you have to dig a bit deeper, is that once people come to Canada, they have a significant tendency to return to Canada.

If we review Mark’s observation with Social Media in mind, it’s easy to predict the merging of Social Media Networking to Tourism Marketing.

List of Global Tourism Conferences for 2008

Share your Tourism Internet Marketing Success Tips

Sustainable Tourism in Alberta

With soaring fuel prices and escalating operating costs, all these tourism operators are discovering that embarking on energy-efficiency upgrades is just good business practice.  But they’re also finding that these and other green actions are attracting the business of travellers who are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their journeys.

“One of the first things we need to do is create a common language, so that when we use the term “sustainable tourism”, people know what we’re talking about,” says John Samms, executive director of Tourism Canmore, who is leading an initial Sustainable Tourism in Alberta working group, formed at the workshop, on developing that provincial plan. “Right now, if you ask 20 people what it means, you’ll come up with 20 different ideas.”


2 Responses to Tourism Conferences in Canada

  1. Marc Tyrrell says:

    I’ve been seeing a merging of “tourism experience” and social media for quite a few years now. One of the things that has really stood out is the development of online communities that are aimed at providing basic destination information and developing a status hierarchy amongst frequent visitors.

    Personally, I think that we really need to integrate social media heavily into our marketing of Canada as a destination. The problem, however, is to make sure that the specific tactics used actually mesh in with the implied social contract of the various forms of social media; and it is a *very* different social contract from the one that governs most perceptions of marketing and large organizations.

  2. marketingtourism says:

    I agree Marc,

    There’s a ground-swell of interest in using Social Media for Tourism Marketing.

    The Internet is a relationship management medium, and today’s Social media sites make it easier to connect to people than ever before in history.

    But there’s a culture to the social media. And each site has unique TOS (terms of service) that strive to protect their users from spammers, peddlers, and prowlers – so it’s very important to create an informed Social Media strategy.

    For instance, it’s important to keep your personal and business life separate (

    The slow-to-change perceptions of many large marketing organizations provides a fertile ground of opportunity for the new Social Media Experts who specialize in Tourism Internet Marketing.

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